ANN: Mahotas 0.5.3

Luis Pedro Coelho lpc at
Thu Nov 4 05:29:38 CET 2010

Hi List,

I'd like to announce the release of mahotas 0.5.3.

Mahotas is an image processing library, which is mostly implemented in C++ for 
speed and complements scipy.ndimage and pymorph.

Notable Algorithms
 - watershed.
 - thresholding.
 - convex points calculations.
 - hit & miss. thinning.
 - Zernike & Haralick features.
 - freeimage based numpy image loading (requires freeimage libraries to be

New Features in 0.5.3

    * Implement mahotas.thin() in C++ for speed
    * Add np.uint64 support to fullhistogram()
    * Drop GIL when possible
    * Add imresize() wrapper around ndimage.zoom

Mailing List (for computer vision in Python stuff, including this library):
API Docs:

Thank you,
Luis Pedro Coelho

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