ANN: GMPY 1.14 and GMPY2 alpha1 released

casevh casevh at
Thu Nov 18 09:55:51 CET 2010


I'm pleased to annouce the release of both a new production
and experimental release of GMPY. GMPY is a wrapper for
the MPIR or GMP multiple-precision arithmetic library.

The experimental release (GMPY2) now includes support for
the MPFR floating-point library.

GMPY is available for download from:

Production release

GMPY 1.14 is the updated stable release. A memory leak was
fixed so it is highly recommended that all user upgrade to
this version. In addition to a few other bug fixes, GMPY
1.14 is compatible with the changes to the hashing code in
Python 3.2a4. The 64-bit Windows installer for Python 3.2
should only be used with 3.2a4 and later.

Even though my primary development focus has shifted to
GMPY2 (see below), GMPY 1.X will continue to receive bug
and compatibility fixes.

Experimental release

To simplify the codebase, allow for changes in the API,
and support simultaneous installation, the development
version has been renamed to GMPY2. The following is list
of changes in GMPY2:

In 2.0.0a0

 * support for a mutable integer type "xmpz"
 * removal of random number functions
 * "xmpz" supports slices for setting/clearing bits
 * some methods have been renamed (scan1 -> bit_scan1)
 * support for Python prior to 2.6 has been removed
 * support for all division modes has been added
    * ceiling - round to +Infinity
    * floor - round to -Infinity
    * truncate - round to zero
    * 2exp - division by a power of 2
 * support is_even() and is_odd()

In 2.0.0a1

 * support for the MPFR floating point library

If you use GMPY regularly, please test GMPY2. There have been
several requests asking for a mutable integer and I am curious
if there are real-world performance improvements.

Please report any issues!


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