ANN: PyGUI 2.3.1

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at
Fri Nov 19 09:48:58 CET 2010

PyGUI 2.3.1 is available:

This version incorporates a modification that I hope will
improve the behaviour of ScrollableViews on Windows with
pywin32 builds later than 212.

(There are still problems with it, though. If the Scrollable
View doesn't fill all of its containing window, the scroll
bars get repositioned incorrectly when the window is resized.
This appears to be entirely MFC's doing. I really will have to
get away from using CView altogether.)

This version also fixes a problem on Windows whereby dismissing
a modal dialog with the Return key could spuriously activate a
button in another window.

What is PyGUI?

PyGUI is a cross-platform GUI toolkit designed to be lightweight
and have a highly Pythonic API.

Gregory Ewing
greg.ewing at

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