ANN: fancycompleter 0.2

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at
Mon Nov 22 23:07:12 CET 2010

fancycompleter 0.2 has been released.

>From the README:

fancycompleter is a module to improve your experience in Python by
TAB completion to the interactive prompt.  It is an extension of the
rlcompleter module.


 * its best feature is that the completions are displayed in different
colors, depending on their type.

 * To save space on screen, fancycompleter only shows the characters
"after the dot".

 * If we press ``<TAB>`` at the beginning of the line, a real tab
character is inserted, instead of trying to complete.  This is useful
when typing function bodies or multi-line statements at the prompt.

 * Unlike rlcompleter, fancycompleter **does** complete expressions
containing dictionary or list indexing.  For example,
``mydict['foo'].<TAB>`` works (assuming that mydict is a dictionary
and that it contains the key 'foo', of course :-)).

 * Starting from Python 2.6, is the completed name is a callable,
rlcompleter automatically adds an open parenthesis ``(``.  This is
annoying in case we do not want to really call it, so fancycompleter
disable this behaviour.

Antonio Cuni

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