tox-0.9: better CI bootstrapping / custom PyPI index servers

holger krekel holger at
Thu Nov 25 21:54:36 CET 2010

Hi all, 

i just released tox-0.9, the generic virtualenv-using test integration 
automation tool (tm).  This release brings a new zero-install way to
deploy tox and your test suite on Hudson slaves.  Apart from one or
more Python interpreters you do not need anything on the slave side,
see here for details:

Moreover, you can now work with multiple PyPI index servers which
is very nice if you (want to) operate your own in-company servers, 
see here for details:

Btw, what kind of custom servers are you successfully using? 
(tell me on twitter @hpk42 if you like).

Oh, and for basic info just go to

if that wasn't clear yet.

have fun,

Changelog for 0.9

- added support for working with different and multiple PYPI indexservers.
- fix pip-installation mixups by always unsetting PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV
  (thanks Armin Ronacher)
- issue1: Add a script for tox, thanks to Sridhar Ratnakumar
- new option: -r|--recreate to force recreation of virtualenv
- show logfile content if there is an error (makes CI output
  more readable)
- depend on py>=1.4.0 which does not contain or install the py.test
  anymore which is now a separate distribution "pytest".

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