Camelot 10.11.27 : leverage Python, QT and SQLAlchemy

erikj tw55413 at
Sat Nov 27 14:00:57 CET 2010

Dear all,

Camelot 10.11.27 has been released.

Camelot is an open source RAD framework that leverages Python,
Sqlalchemy and Qt to
build database applications.  Inspired by the Django admin interface,
Camelot allows a
developer to define the database model and Camelot will create the

Homepage :
Demonstration video :



New in this release :

- tab based desktop
- faster table view
- improved search queries
- much more dynamic field attributes : tooltip, background_color,
  editable, choices, prefix, suffix, arrow
- SQLAlchemy 0.6.x support
- Matplotlib integration
- move to new style signal/slot connections
- frozen columns in a table view

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