py-1.4.0: cross python lib for localpath/io/dynamic/... code functionality

holger krekel holger at
Mon Nov 29 16:52:34 CET 2010

py-1.4.0: cross-python lib for path, code, io, ... manipulations

"py" is a small library comprising APIs for filesystem and svn path
manipulations, dynamic code construction and introspection, a Py2/Py3
compatibility namespace ("py.builtin"), IO capturing, terminal colored printing
(on windows and linux), ini-file parsing and a lazy import mechanism.
It runs unmodified on all Python interpreters compatible to Python2.4 up
until Python 3.2.  The general goal with "py" is to provide stable APIs
for some common tasks that are continously tested against many Python
interpreters and thus also to help transition. Here are some docs:

NOTE: The prior py-1.3.X versions contained "py.test" which now comes
as its own separate "pytest" distribution and was just released
as "pytest-2.0.0", see here for the revamped docs:

And "py.cleanup|py.lookup|py.countloc" etc. helpers are now part of
the pycmd distribution, see

This makes "py-1.4.0" a simple library which does not install
any command line utilities anymore.


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