[ANN] pyxser-1.5.1r --- Python Object to XML serializer/deserializer

Daniel Molina Wegener dmw at coder.cl
Mon Oct 11 17:45:19 CEST 2010

Hello Python Community.

I'm pleased to announce pyxser-1.5.1r, a python extension which
contains functions to serialize and deserialize Python Objects
into XML. It is a model based serializer.

What can do this serializer?

* Serialization of cross references.
* Serialization of circular references.
* Preserves object references on deserialization.
* Custom serializations.
* Custom deserializations.
* Object attribute selection call-back.
* Serialization depth limit.
* Standards based serialization.
* Standards based XML validation using pyxser XML Schema.
* C14N based serialization, as optional kind of output.
* Model based XML serialization, represented on XML Schema
  and XML DTD.

The ChangeLog for this release is as follows:
1.5.1r (2010.10.11):

        Daniel Molina Wegener <dmw at coder.cl>

        * On all files: algorithms were optimized, the code
        was flattened applying "The Zen of Python" and the
        performance was enhanced in 10%.

        * Was added the cinit argument to deserialization
        functions, which control wether or not, the default
        constructor is called, instead of creating a raw
        instance of deserialized objects.

        Thanks to pyxser users for their feedback.

The project is hosted at:

Where you can report bugs and have other options, like forums
mailing lists and access to the repository if you want to

The web page for the project is located at:

PyPi entry is:

Best regards,
Daniel Molina Wegener <dmw [at] coder [dot] cl>
System Programmer & Web Developer
Phone: +56 (2) 979-0277 | Blog: http://coder.cl/

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