cx_Freeze 4.2.1

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at
Sun Oct 17 06:42:15 CEST 2010

What is cx_Freeze?

cx_Freeze is a set of scripts and modules for freezing Python scripts
into executables in much the same way that py2exe and py2app do.
Unlike these two tools, however, cx_Freeze is cross platform and
should work on any platform that Python itself works on.

Where do I get it?

What's new?

Changes from 4.2 to 4.2.1

1) Added support for specifying bin_path_includes and
bin_path_excludes in setup scripts.

2) Added support for compiling Windows services with the Microsoft
compiler and building for 64-bit Windows.

3) When installing Windows services, use the full path for both the
executable and the configuration file if specified.

4) Eliminate duplicate files for each possible version of Python when
building MSI packages for Python 2.7.

5) Fix declaration of namespace packages.

6) Fix check for cx_Logging import library directory.

7) Added hooks for the python-Xlib package.

8) Added hooks to ignore the _scproxy module when not on the Mac
platform and the win32gui and pyHook modules on platforms other than

9) When copying files, copy the stat() information as well as was done
in earlier versions of cx_Freeze.

10) Added documentation for the shortcutName and shortcutDir
parameters for creating an executable.

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