ANN: Jug 0.7: Task based framework for python

Luis Pedro Coelho luis at
Fri Oct 22 20:02:04 CEST 2010

Hello List,

This is to let you know of a new release of Jug.

Jug allows you to write code that is broken up into
tasks and run different tasks on different processors.

It uses the filesystem to communicate between processes and
works correctly over NFS, so you can coordinate processes on
different machines.

Jug is a pure Python implementation and should work on any platform.

*Website*: `

*Documentation*: `

*Video*: On `vimeo <>`_ or `showmedo

*Mailing List*: `


Created a Mailing List (
Currently empty, but hopefully it will grow.

Implemented a barrier() command which helps you break up your jugfile.

Bug reports, suggestions, &c are welcome. On this list or by private
email to me.
Luis Pedro Coelho

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