conf2py (complete open source conference management system)

Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at
Sat Sep 18 08:36:38 CEST 2010

Conf2py is an Open Source Conference Management Software written in  

License is GPL2

A slideshow presentation:

Download as a web2py app (includes source):

Source only from google code:

   hg clone conf2py


This software is a complete rewrite of the web2conf software developed  
for PyCon US 2009 and used for registration at PyCon 2009, PyCon 2010  
and Flisol 2010. The reason for the rewrite include source code  
simplification, added features, shift focus to more traditional  
academic conferences.

Conf2py is in production since August 2010 for the 6th High End  
Visualization Workshop in Austria:


- Single Sign-On using Open ID (Google) or OAuth (Facebook, MySpace,  
etc.) via, or local registration/login process.
- Conference Fee Payment with Credit Card via Authorize.Net (no need  
for secondary login)
- Default registration fields include: first name, last name, email,  
web page, address, company, profile text, image, type of registration,  
optional tutorial registration (multiple tutorials supported), food  
preferences, arrival date and departure date, accompanying family  
members (for optional hotel pre-registration). The list of fields is  
easily extensible.
- Configurable billing policy based on time dependent conference rate  
for different roles and variable number of tutorials/sessions.
- Configurable coupon discounts and coupon cancellation
- Users can register other users and pay for them.

- First page displays a slideshow
- Arbitrary number of wiki pages using the markmin syntax
- Wiki pages allow embedding of widgets such as "comments" or "videos"  
or "tagging" or "latex".
- Automatic computation of geographical latitude and longitude and  
display of attendees on map.

- Paper submission and review management with roles: author, editor,  
review. Author submits an abstract (talk or paper proposal). The  
editor may ask for a paper submission and assign a review of the paper  
or abstract to one ore more reviewers. The communication between  
editor and reviewer is invisible to the author. The identity of the  
reviewer is invisible to the author. The editor, based on reviewer  
recommendation can accept/reject a paper. Accepted papers are  
automatically published (a paper can be in any format and can include  
- Paper publishing with bibtex support
- Management interface with roles: manager, editor, reviewer, author  
(same person can have multiple roles depending on the paper).

Requires web2py 1.85.3 or later.
Developed by Massimo Di Pierro
Support provided by MetaCryption LLC (

We hope it will be useful. Let us know how we can improve it even more.


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