GroupServer 11.03 — Pineapple Snow at a Child's Party

Richard Waid richard at
Fri Apr 1 01:07:05 CEST 2011

The team at OnlineGroups.Net is pleased to announce the release of
GroupServer 11.03 — Pineapple Snow at a Child's Party. Pineapple Snow
is now available from:

Changes in this release concentrate on a new Change Email Settings
page. The the release notes contain more details on the changes that
have been made:

GroupServer is written in Python utilising the Zope and the ZTK framework.
We believe that GroupServer has the ease of use of web based groups such
as Google Groups, the administrative freedom of mailing list managers
such as Mailman, and the developer-freedom of open source software
with the GPL Licence.

A feature comparison is available:

We are now looking forward to the next release: GroupServer 11.04 —
Slushy Followed by a Pounding Headache. Details of what we are planning
in each release can be seen on the GroupServer Trac site:

If you wish to report a bug, please do so here:

We would love to hear what you think about GroupServer, you can email
us at:
	<support at>  

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of the
project <> in making GroupServer releases possible.

If you would like to have features added to GroupServer, are unable to
contribute technically, but have the means to contribute financially,
the team at OnlineGroups.Net would love to hear from you. We are
able to help with both generic GroupServer improvements as well as
bespoke GroupServer development and deployment for your organisation,
including web design. We can also provide setup assistance, including
remote hands support.

If you wish to try GroupServer in a hosted environment without
installing, and with the benefit of all the latest features, please
try OnlineGroups.Net at:

We hope you enjoy the new release as much as we have enjoyed bringing
it to you!

Best regards,

Richard Waid
Technical Lead

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