GNUmed 0.9.0 released

Sebastian Hilbert sebastian.hilbert at
Sat Apr 2 21:15:21 CEST 2011


GNUmed 0.9.0 has been released.

GNUmed project builds free, liberated open source Electronic Medical Record 
software in multiple languages to assist and improve longitudinal care 
(specifically in ambulatory settings, i.e. multi-professional practices and 



        NEW: use much enhanced, file-based FreeDiams API
        NEW: support primary provider on patients along with configurable 
        NEW: support array of contextual FKs per inbox message
        NEW: support dicomscope as DICOM viewer
        NEW: support summary field on health issues and episodes
        NEW: translate database strings from within client and contribute 
        NEW: simplistic coding systems browser
        NEW: cloning of workplaces
        NEW: hook "post_person_creation"
        NEW: placeholder: "emr_journal::soap//%(narrative)s//255//tex::9999"
        NEW: LaTeX template: chronological EMR journal
        NEW: placeholder: "free_text::tex//<purpose>::9999"
        NEW: LaTeX template: generic free-text medical statement (English and 
        NEW: full manual management of substances/drug components/branded 
        NEW: implement our own date picker
        NEW: implement searchable tags with image/name/comment on patients
        NEW: Greek translation
        NEW: log failed gm-dbo database access in database during restricted 
        NEW: change gm-dbo password from client
        NEW: implement leaving a message for oneself/other providers
        NEW: Gulich Score on GABHS in sore throat
        NEW: implement generic method for downloading data packs
        NEW: placeholder: "soap_for_encounters::soap//<date format>::9999"
        NEW: make client font configurable

        IMPROVED: link test results directly to requests for them
        IMPROVED: much better EMR tree root node tooltip
        IMPROVED: improved adding of vaccinations
        IMPROVED: now listing episodes/health issues at time of creation in 
EMR journal
        IMPROVED: Boesner score now has internationally usable name: "Marburg 
CHD score"
        IMPROVED: much better integration of visual progress notes
        IMPROVED: procedures now support a duration and an "ongoing" state
        IMPROVED: adjust to modified API of MMI/Gelbe Liste
        IMPROVED: master data management interface
        IMPROVED: fix "Current Substance Intake" edit area usability glitches 
(schedule, substance, preparation)
        IMPROVED: much saner "deletion of substance intake entry" workflow
        IMPROVED: logically cleaner substance intake handling
        IMPROVED: find gm-print_doc in git tree, too
        IMPROVED: relax URL sanity checks since Web 2.0 confuses all but the 
most sophisticated browsers
        IMPROVED: default server profile names in gnumed.conf example
        IMPROVED: alpha-sort list of master data lists as per mailing list
        IMPROVED: external patient sources now generically import external 
IDs/comm channels/addresses
        IMPROVED: fix detection of existing patient when loading from external 
        IMPROVED: workplace plugin configuration using item picker
        IMPROVED: in phrasewheel support dynamic part of tooltip based on 
selected item data
        IMPROVED: location PRW in procedure EA: re-use hospitals from hospital 
        IMPROVED: support arriba 2.2.2 and its new file-based API
        IMPROVED: substance intake grid: display unapproved by default
        IMPROVED: default temporary directory now /tmp/gnumed/gm-<unique ID>/ 
per GNUmed instance
        IMPROVED: menu structure creation such that accelerator keys work more 
        IMPROVED: EMR tree can now display selective chronological journal on 
issues and episodes
        IMPROVED: existing translations
        IMPROVED: make showing audit trail a restricted procedure
        IMPROVED: enable exporting of in-database form template
        IMPROVED: show RFE/AOE in "recent notes" display in SOAP plugin
        IMPROVED: much saner workflow when creating allergy entry from 
substance intake
        IMPROVED: configurably auto-open editors for all open, recently 
worked-on problems when activating a patient
        IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: [Save under] saves notelet under selectable 
rather than current encounter
        IMPROVED: enable moving documents between encounters, mainly useful 
for visual progress notes
        IMPROVED: do not at all use wx.DatePickerCtrl as it breaks on some 
locales (en_IN) [thanks vbanait]
        IMPROVED: management of configuration items

Downloads available from:

Client installation:

 Easily installable packages for your platform of choice
 will be available shortly.

 Meanwhile you can run the client from a downloaded tarball
 or use the net based client installer:

 which you need to download, make executable, and run.

 More information available here:

Database installation / upgrade:

 Note that this release, as usual, DOES require a database
 upgrade from v14 to v15 if you already have a database and
 wish to retain the patient data you documented therein. For
 uprading you can use the script provided in the tarball:

        .../server/bootstrap/ 14 15

 Alternatively, you can use the network upgrader:

 which you need to download, make executable and run.

 If you wish to install a fresh database (without upgrading
 an existing one) you can use the install script:


 or, again, the network based installer:

 Note that both ways WILL DELETE existing databases !

 More information on installation or upgrading is found here:

Best regards,

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