ANN: Mahotas 0.6.4

Luis Pedro Coelho luis at
Thu Apr 7 21:11:28 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I'm happy to announce a new release of mahotas, my computer vision
library for Python.


Mahotas is a library which includes several image processing algorithm.
It works over numpy arrays. All its computation heavy functions are
implemented in C++ (using templates so that they work for every data
type without conversions).

The result is a fast, optimised image processing and computer vision

It is under heavy development and has no known bugs. Reported bugs
almost always get fixed in a day.


Major change is that Mac OS compilation now works! Thanks to K-Michael
Aye for the patch that saved the day.

Minor changes include fixes to ``cwatershed`` and adding the tests to
the source distribution (use `python test` to run them). Some
of these.

*API Docs*:

*Mailing List*: Use the pythonvision mailing list for questions, bug
submissions, etc.

*Author*: Luis Pedro Coelho (with code by Zachary Pincus [from
scikits.image], Peter J. Verveer [from scipy.ndimage], and Davis King
[from dlib]

*License*: GPLv2

Thank you,
Luis Pedro Coelho | Carnegie Mellon University |

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