Python Tools for Visual Studio Beta 2 Released

Dino Viehland dinov at
Mon Apr 11 20:55:56 CEST 2011


We're pleased to announce the release of Python Tools for Visual Studio - Beta 2 available here .  This release is a minor update which fixes the top reported customer problems reported on CodePlex, crashing bugs reported via Watson, as well as a number of issues discovered via our internal testing. Included in these fixes are better support for IronPython fixing issues with both the WPF designer as well as Silverlight debugging, numerous small improvements to the debugger, auto-indent, an updated installer which supports both per-user and per-machine installs, fixes for source control support, and much more. This release doesn't include any major new functionality and instead just focuses on stabilization and bug fixing.

We'd like to thank all of the users who took the time to report issues and feedback: 42K, asqui, btribble, enniot, eyeofhell, fergalmoran, gnezim, Haozes, impulse9, jodNi, JohnMueller, loocas, nriley, pegorov, pkohut, proofy, pymab, reckoner1, sinsanity, slideomix, stjohnburn, TheBits, Zooba, and Zugzwang.

A complete list of bugs fixed:

Unhandled exception on interpreter/file mismatch
Execute File in repl does not work for CPython 3.2
Crash while parsing frozenset generator
CPython 3.2 64-bit repl won't open: "Parameter 'String' cannot be null."
Lambdas with multiple parameters as an argument affects highlighted parameter 
Run-in-repl for custom interpreter deadlocks devenv.exe
Deleting a file or folder does not remove reference from .pyproj
Custom interpreter changes require VS restart
BuildRelease.ps1 script breaks without TFS access
String and operator/opening colouring
Tooltips do not look at tokens to the right of the mouse cursor
.pyw source code files not treated as python source code
Autoindent still works within multiline strings
Referenced folders/files are not validated on project load
"If you change a file name extension..." message on renaming folders/modules
Set as Startup file does not provide full/sufficient path
Hex view does not work when debugging
Ctrl+W,# shortcuts don't work with code window open
MSI installer built from repository not working
Don't assume "param=None" means type(param) is NoneType
repl continues indent into result
Undeletable indent in repl
Crashes Visual Studio on certain kind of code in python file
Install/uninstall release affects experimental instance of VS
Autocomplete of member function calls via shows self parameter
Project menu does not contain "Add..." items if a folder is not selected
No auto-indent after "else: #comment"
Auto dedent on 'pass'
Exception tracebacks are displayed twice
Exception tracebacks include "internal" frame
Cyrillic text in docstring brakes tooltip
"operator" color can't be changed from "fonts and colors"
Cannot view children of a set() in debugger
Parameter Intellisense not started by comma
Ctrl+Shift+Space to display parameter tooltip
Highlight matching brackets
Project Debug Properties can only be updated once
Profile Project ignores debug properties
Failure in Python parser: System.ArgumentNullException
win32com module doesn't show up in intellisense database
Intellisense is not work?
Breakpoints not hit sometimes
Crash/hang on typing in Python interactive window
WindowsInterpreterPath replaces PathEnvironmentVariable
File > Source Control > Change Source Control... results in an error
Restart required between change default interpreter for colouring and run-in-repl
Better analysis of relative imports
Fixed issues with programs involving a large number of threads
Fix Silverlight debugging w/ IronPython
Fix profiling on some 64-bit Python versions 
Improve Unicode support on Python 3.x debugging
MPI debugging selects compute nodes by default
Improve display of Unicode strings in the debugger
Improved repr of byte strings, Unicode strings, complex numbers when used as default value for a parameter
Fix issue with breakpoints not being hit sometimes

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