histogram 0.2

Jiao Lin linjiao at caltech.edu
Fri Apr 15 18:33:54 CEST 2011

The histogram package (http://docs.danse.us/histogram) provides a simple yet fundamental data structure for scientific data reduction/analysis.

	• Carries both data and error bars and has a default implementation for error propagation
	• Flexible slicing to get sub-histograms
	• Easy access to data as numpy arrays
	• Dump/load histograms in hdf format
	• Quick plot using matplotlib

	• Homepage: http://docs.danse.us/histogram
	• Installation: http://docs.danse.us/histogram/0.2/install.html
	• Python API tutorial: http://docs.danse.us/histogram/0.2/python-interface.html

Bug reports and any comments are very much appreciated! Thanks.

Jiao Lin
linjiao at caltech.edu

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