Practical Python with Raymond Hettinger - May 16-20, Chicago

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Tue Apr 19 18:37:48 CEST 2011

Practical Python Programmingwith Raymond Hettinger
May 16-20, 2011Chicago, Illinois
So, you learned a bit of Python from a book, online tutorial, or
yourcoworkers. What's next?  How about learning the ins and outs of
Pythonprogramming as you and five other programmers spend a week
withRaymond Hettinger, Python core developer, and board member of
thePython Software Foundation?  In this course, Raymond comes to
DaveBeazley's Chicago Python lair to put his unique spin on
David's"Practical Python Programming" workshop.  In addition, he will
bebringing a variety of other material drawn from his various
Pyconpresentations and tutorials.  In short, this course is going to
This course is strictly limited to 6 students and held in the heart
ofChicago's distinctive Andersonville neighborhood.  Although
it'sprimarily intended for programmers who are still learning Python,
evenexperienced Python programmers will walk away with new insights
andideas.  You won't be disappointed.
Raymond Hettinger has been a Python core developer for a
decade,contributing many of modern features of Python including
sets,collections, generator expressions, the peephole optimizer,
itertools,and several built-in functions. Raymond is also active in
the Pythoncommunity, serving on the board of directors for the Python
SoftwareFoundation. He is a popular speaker at Python conferences
David Beazley, is the author of the "Python Essential Reference",
amember of the Python Software Foundation, and well-known
Pythonconference speaker. His company, Dabeaz, LLC conducts Python
trainingcourses in Chicago and other exotic locales.

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