ANN: MV3D-0.60 Released!

Michael Handverger mike at
Sun Aug 7 22:03:42 CEST 2011

I am pleased to announce the release of MV3D version 0.60! This release focused on scalability of worlds and includes support for splitting a single area across multiple server processes with automatic load balancing and redundancy. Areas can now be connected together using gateways to build worlds limited in size only by the amount of available hardware. The Overseer Cluster Management tool was upgraded in order to better handle many processes across multiple physical servers. Camera controls across all content tools have been unified. Better support for Panda3D clients was added as well.

MV3D is an open source virtual world and multiplayer game framework written in Python which uses Twisted for networking. It was designed with scalability in mind and is able to distribute a world across as many servers as needed while dynamically balancing the load. The simulation framework is not specifically slanted towards any one genre of online game, and can just as easily be used for a space game as a fantasy setting. Objects on an MV3D server are simulated using the ODE physics engine. A single server can host thousands of simulated objects. MV3D supports either Python-Ogre or Panda3D on the client. 

For more information on MV3D and this or future releases, please visit the website at . The full release notes for version 0.6 are available online at this URL: . For further inquiries, feel free to stop by our IRC channel on #MV3D.

Here's a short video of the new demo world:



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