moving days

Christian Tismer tismer at
Thu Dec 22 01:29:33 CET 2011

Hi friends, 

The and sites
are moving again. I have upgraded from a EQ8 to an EX4 server, again from Hetzner, Germany.

It has only 16GIB instead of 24, but
a Core-I7 - 2600 CPU at 3.5 GHz and
A 3 TB Raid1.

That is double size and performance
at a 2/3 reduced price - efficient!

Unfortunately it involves some work,
and a change of IP addresses.

The transition will occur in a few days,
for sure before 2012, because the
contract is cancelled :-D

I think it will be smooth. The hard stuff
already happened during the last days,
when I cleaned and upgraded with lots
of problems to solve. The rest is almost
a proper set of rsync-s and IP/DNS

This was the last word of the optimist. I
will notify you on the day when DNS
will chang
eeee /($)/&$@ krrrk -.;;; beep -..-

...---...   ...---...   ...---...  ...---
CRC erroR
BAD dump info, stackpointer lost///
hänschen klein ging allein in die weeeeeeaaaaoooouuuuummmmp......


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