ANN: marrow.util 1.1

Alice Bevan-McGregor alice at
Wed Feb 2 01:20:50 CET 2011


It is my pleasure to announce an updated release of marrow.util, a package combining many commonly re-implemented utility functions, classes, and compatibility code used extensively by the marrow package suite and others.

The updated package is available from PyPi:

Prepared eggs are available for Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.1; a source tarball has been included as well.

The following is an overview of the many utilities provided.


 * Bunch - attribute access dictionary.
 * MultiBunch - as per Bunch + allowing multiple values per key.


 * formatdate - consistent import for Py2K + 3K.
 * unquote - consistent unquote_plus import and 3K bytes conversion.
 * range / xrange - Py2K xrange / 3K range consistent imports.
 * execfile - Py3K implementation and consistent import.
 * exception - a version-agnostic method of exception handling.
 * binary / unicode - consistent imports for str/bytes and unicode/str.
 * bytestring - ensure a string is a bytestring.
 * native - ensure a string is native (bytes on 2K, unicode on 3K).
 * uvalues - decode each value of an iterable with advanced error handling.
 * IO - StringIO/cStringIO/BytesIO consistent import.
 * parse_qsl - consistent import.


 * boolean - convert common string representations into booleans.
 * array - powerful string to list conversions.
 * KeywordProcessor - powerful bidirectional string to rich datatype conversion.
 * tags - a KeywordProcessor for processing space-separated tag sets.
 * terms - a KeywordProcessor for processing demarked search terms (+foo -bar).


 * unescape - ANSI color code, object property, and pronoun substitution.

 * WaitableEvent - an asynchronous event trigger.


 * CaseInsensitiveDict - the name is descriptive.


 * flatten - recursive iterable flattening.
 * yield_property - a generator which returns a named property from all elements in a sequence.
 * yield_keyvalue - a generator which returns a named item from all elements in a sequence.
 * NoDefault - a useful placeholder singleton for optional keyword arguments.
 * merge - merge two dictionaries.
 * load_object - dot-colon notation string to object resolver.
 * Cache - a simple LRU cache implementation.
 * LoggingFile - a file-like object wrapper around Python logging.
 * CounterMeta - serialized instance creation metaclass.
 * getargspec - a comprehensive argspec inspector.


 * Path - an enhanced deque implementation for manipulating URL paths.


 * Borg - a very light-weight borg superclass or mix-in.


 * Pipe - a cross-platform TCP-based pipe implementation.
 * pipe - consistent import for platform-aware (Windows-compat) pipe creation.


 * normalize - determine the best unique name for a new item in a sequence.
 * ellipsis - truncate text and add an ellipsis.
 * wrap - wrapping of English text.
 * rewrap - combined unwrapping and wrapping of English text.


 * UTC - a simple concrete UTC implementation.
 * delta_to_seconds - timedelta to seconds conversion.
 * day, week, hour, minute, second, month, year - timedelta constants.
 * minute_range, hour_range, dom_range, month_range, dow_range -
   2-tuple range constants.
 * map_month, map_dow - map strings to integers.

	— Alice.

	— Alice.

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