Python Ireland presents Feb Talks @ The Science Gallery (Wed, 9th Feb 2011, 7pm-8:15pm)

Vicky Twomey-Lee whykay at
Wed Feb 2 15:55:57 CET 2011

Hi All,

When: Wed, 9th Feb 2011, 7pm-8:15pm
Where: The Science Gallery

"Introduction to Python" by Sean O'Donnell (Level: Beginner)
The content is an introduction to python, by means
of comparing it to C, Java and Ruby. So if you
can think of a snappier title, by all means go for it.

 "Advanced unit testing in Python" by Rory Geoghegan (Level: Intermediate)
Now that you have played around with the rudimentaries of the
unittest module, and started writitng tests for your code, how can you
make things easier? I'll go over the new additions to the unittest module in
Python 2.7, the use of the mock library, and how to use them together to
write effective unit tests.

Pub afterwards:
Trinity Capital Hotel, Pearse Street.

This event is free.

Also, just to remind you all that a Python Society AGM will be held after
the talks. All are welcome to attend that as well.

Venue thanks to The Science Gallery (



/// Vicky

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