Sala 1.1 released

Petri Lehtinen petri at
Thu Feb 3 13:13:43 CET 2011

Sala 1.1 has been released. This release adds ~/.config/sala.conf (or,
more specifically, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sala.conf) to the list of
configuration locations that are read, as per the XDG Base Directory
Specification. Python 2.5 is also now supported.

Install: pip install sala
Docs & download:
Git repository:

What is sala?

Sala is a command-line utility that lets you store passwords and other
bits of sensitive plain-text information to encrypted files on a
directory hierarchy. This makes it integrate nicely with the shell;
tab completion works, for example. It's also convenient to store your
passwords in version control, for example.

The stored information is protected by GnuPG's symmetrical encryption.

Sala has been written in Python. It requires gpg[1], the
GnuPGInterface[2] library, and (with the default configuration) uses
pwgen[3] to suggest good passwords, if it's installed.


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