ANN: circuits-1.3.3 (Asynchronous Component-based Application Framework)

James Mills prologic at
Sat Feb 5 09:09:11 CET 2011


I'm pleased to announce the release of circuits-1.3.3

What is circuits ?

circuits is a Lightweight Event driven and Asynchronous Application
Framework for the Python Programming Language with a strong
Component Architecture. circuits also includes a lightweight,
high performance and scalable HTTP/WSGI web server
(with some similar features to CherryPy) as well as various I/O
and Networking components.

What's new ?

- New circuits.web.apps namespace with two mini-apps included
  - MemoryMonitor (a port of Dowser to debug memory leaks in your
circuits.web app)
  - WebConsole (a port of httprepl by the same author of Dowser to
give you an interactive
    console in your circuits.web app)
- circuits.core.debugger: Debugger now takes an optional keyword argument "chop"
  to chop long lines when printing to sys.stderr
- A new example in examples/web/
- Several bug-fixes and other improvements.

Get it from PyPi:

Read the documentation:

See the examples:

Please give us feedback on the circuits-users groups or on the
#circuits IRC Channel on the FreeNode IRC Network.


-- James Mills
-- "Problems are solved by method"

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