ANN: Komodo 6.1 released

Todd Whiteman toddw at
Mon Feb 7 20:17:15 CET 2011

Hello all,

We are pleased to tell you that Komodo 6.1 has been released. With this 
release Komodo continues to improve it's Python support:

* smarter Python code intelligence
	* completions for underscore names like __init__ and __name__
	* better support of relative module and package imports
* better debugging tooltips when hovering over variables
* improved Django template support, which now provides:
	* tag and filter completions for Django template files
	* updated code syntax highlighting
	* smart auto indentation handling for template files
	* hyperlinks to easily jump between view and template file
* includes Python 3.2 debugging client and code intelligence libraries

For a detailed overview of the new Komodo 6.1 features, check out these 
web pages:

Note that Komodo comes in two different flavors - the *commercial* 
Komodo IDE version and the *free* Komodo Edit version. You can find out 
more on these two Komodo versions here:


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