ANNOUNCE: PyGTK All-in-one Installer 2.22.6

Dieter Verfaillie dieterv at
Wed Jan 19 20:23:24 CET 2011

We are pleased to announce release 2.22.6 of the PyGTK All-in-one
installer for Windows.

More information can be found in the README file at:

* What is it?

The PyGTK All-in-one installer provides an alternative installation
method for PyGTK users on Windows. It bundles PyGTK, PyGObject,
PyCairo, PyGtkSourceView2, PyGooCanvas, PyRsvg, the gtk+-bundle
and Glade in one handy installer.

Currently 32 bit Python 2.6 and 2.7 versions are supported
on Windows XP and up.

Some screenshots can be seen at:

* What's changed in 2.22.6 ?

  * Updated bundled GTK+ runtime packages to
    gtk+-bundle_2.22.1-20101227_win32 which fixes the svg pixbuf
    loader issues described in
  * Grammatical fixes to the README and script
    by David Ripton.
  * Updated glade3-3.6.7 packages + the script is now
    tracked at

The PyGTK, PyGObject, PyCairo, PyGtkSourceView2, PyGooCanvas and
PyRsvg extension modules remain unchanged.

* Where to get it?

  md5sum    : 1ce2abcaa4b232e52111a71e937f52e9
  size      : 32,3M
  md5sum    : 75cfe879a13ae99d5b19fee4f1597bb5
  size      : 32,3M

source code of the installer build tool:


The PyGTK Team

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