HTSQL 2.0 RC1 -- a Query Language for the Accidental Programmer

Clark C. Evans cce at
Fri Jan 21 22:45:43 CET 2011

Kirill Simonov and myself would like to introduce HTSQL, a novel
to relational database access which is neither an ORM nor raw SQL.

HTSQL is a URI-based high-level query language for relational databases.
It's implemented as a Python WSGI application.  Currently it supports
PostgreSQL and SQLite (more databases & juicy features forthcoming).


At this point, HTSQL 2.0 may not be mature enough for production use; we
expect to fill in any remaining gaps in the coming months.

We're curious what you think.  Join us in #htsql on freenode [1],
to the mailing list [2] and please come to our PyCon 2011 talk [3].

Clark & Kirill

[1] irc://

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