ANN: pyftpdlib 0.6.0 released

Giampaolo Rodola g.rodola at
Sun Jan 23 22:24:29 CET 2011

I'm pleased to announce release 0.6.0 of Python FTP Server library (pyftpdlib). 

=== About === 

Python FTP server library provides an high-level portable interface to easily write asynchronous FTP servers with Python. Based on asyncore framework pyftpdlib is currently the most complete RFC-959 FTP server implementation available for Python programming language. 

=== Major changes === 

This new version, aside from fixing some bugs, includes some important new features:

 * (finally) full FTPS (FTP over SSL/TS) support is now available
 * configurable command line options
 * a standardized and improved logging system for commands and transfers
 * possibility to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 by using a single socket
 * enhanced Unix and Windows authorizers, moved from demo directory and included in main library with a set of new options such as the possibility to specify which users should be granted for access.
 * enabled TCP_NODELAY socket option for the FTP command channels resulting in pyftpdlib being twice faster.
 * a new UnixFilesystem class which permits the client to escape its home directory and navigate the real filesystem.
A complete list of changes including enhancements, bug fixes and instructions for using the new functionalities is available here:

If you think pyftpdlib is worth a donation you can do so by going here:

=== More links === 

* Source tarball: 
* Online docs: 
* FAQs: 
* RFCs compliance paper: 
* Issue tracker: 


-- Giampaolo Rodola' < g.rodola [at] gmail [dot] com > 

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