ANN: Urwid - Console UI Library

Ian Ward ian at
Thu Jul 14 04:02:15 CEST 2011

Announcing Urwid

Urwid home page:

Screen shots:


About this release:

This release is *not* the big, exciting,
wow-look-at-all-those-new-features release that just might be coming out
very soon.  It does, however fix a number of bugs in the previous release.

New in this release:

  * Fix for an Overlay get_cursor_coords(), and Text top-widget bug

  * Fix for a Padding rows() bug when used with width=PACK

  * Fix for a bug with large flow widgets used in an Overlay

  * Fix for a gpm_mev bug

  * Fix for Pile and GraphVScale when rendered with no contents

  * Fix for a Python 2.3 incompatibility (0.9.9 is the last release to
    claim support Python 2.3)

About Urwid

Urwid is a console UI library for Python. It features fluid interface
resizing, Unicode support, multiple text layouts, simple attribute
markup, powerful scrolling list boxes and flexible interface design.

Urwid is released under the GNU LGPL.

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