ANN: NumPy 1.6.1 release

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers at
Thu Jul 21 22:43:05 CEST 2011


I am pleased to announce the availability of NumPy 1.6.1. This is a bugfix
release for the 1.6.x series; the list of fixed bugs is given below.

Sources and binaries can be found at

Thanks to anyone who contributed to this release.

The NumPy developers

Bug fixes for NumPy 1.6.1
#1834   einsum fails for specific shapes
#1837   einsum throws nan or freezes python for specific array shapes
#1838   object <-> structured type arrays regression
#1851   regression for SWIG based code in 1.6.0
#1863   Buggy results when operating on array copied with astype()
#1870   Fix corner case of object array assignment
#1843   Py3k: fix error with recarray
#1885   nditer: Error in detecting double reduction loop
#1874   f2py: fix --include_paths bug
#1749   Fix ctypes.load_library()
#1895/1896  iter: writeonly operands weren't always being buffered correctly

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