PyCon Australia 2011: Registration Deadlines

Ryan Kelly ryan at
Sat Jul 23 10:37:43 CEST 2011

Hi Everyone,

Registrations for PyCon Australia 2011 are closing soon!

The conference is now less than a month away, so we need to start
finalising numbers for shirts, catering and the venue itself.  If 
you're planning to attend, please register now so you don't miss out.

PyCon Australia is Australia's only conference dedicated exclusively to
the Python programming language, and will be held at the Sydney Masonic
Center over the weekend of August 20 and 21. See below for more
information and updates on:
     1. Registration Deadlines
     2. More Sponsors Announced
Please pass this message on to those you feel may be interested.


Registration Deadlines

Registrations for the conference will be closing soon, as we have the
following deadlines approaching fast:

  29th July:    T-Shirt order finalised
  8th August:   Special dietary needs finalised
  15th August:  Last chance to get tickets!

If you're looking forward to adding a PyCon Au 2011 T-Shirt to your
collection, please complete your registration *this week* so we can get
one in your size.  We will be sending the order through to the printers
based on the sizes requested so far.

If you have special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
then please complete your registration by Monday the 8th of August.  We
cannot accommodate special dietary orders submitted after this time.

All registrations will close on Monday the 15th of August, so that we 
can confirm final numbers with the venue and catering.  There will be
*no* registrations accepted after this date.

In particular, we will *not* accept registrations at the door.

So don't delay, register now at:

More Sponsors Announced

We are delighted to confirm that Microsoft will be joining us this year
as a Silver Sponsor.  Thanks once again to the following companies for
their continuing support of Python and for helping to make PyCon
Australia 2011 a reality:

    Gold:  Google                          <>
    Gold:  ComOps                          <>
    Silver:  Anchor                        <>
    Silver:  Enthought                     <>
    Silver:  Python Software Foundation    <>
    Silver:  WingWare                      <>
    Silver:  Arclight                      <>
    Silver:  Bitbucket by Atlassian        <>
    Silver:  Microsoft                     <>

Thanks also to Linux Australia, who provide the overarching legal and
organisational structure for PyCon Australia.

    Ryan Kelly
    PyCon Australia 2011

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