translated python 3 (into bulgarian or else)

svilen az at
Sat Jul 30 12:19:13 CEST 2011


Here an attempt of translated Python 3: replacing the english words
( operators, names and messages - if,else,for,..) with another language
- e.g. bulgarian (ако,иначе,за). For kids, and people who want to think
and write in their own language, instead of suffer with the
alternatives - near-"english", transliteration into latin, mixed
latin-cyrilic, whatever. 

клас Филминфо( Инфо):      #изцяло преведено / fully translated
    деф сглоби_име( кл, име ):
        имена = [ име ]
        ако   име.завършва('.bg'): имена.допълни( име[:-3])
        инако име.завършва('.ru'): имена.допълни( име[:-3])
        иначе: имена.допълни( име)
        върни Инфо.сглоби_име( *имена)

class Filminfo( Info):     #изцяло на английски / fully in english
    def make_name( kl, name):
        names = [ name]
        if name.endswith('.bg'): names.append( ime[:-3])
        elif name.endswith('.ru'): names.append( име[:-3])
        else: names.append( ime)
        return Info.make_name( *names)
it's work in progress, so far in bulgarian only, but it's a couple of dictionaries. 
Plenty of things to do like translating error messages, some builtins
and some types' methods... hands are always needed.

other my software- and language- related stuff:

have fun

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