Webinar 3/4: How do I… solve ODEs? Part II

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Tue Mar 1 22:31:32 CET 2011

March EPD Webinar: How do I...solve ODEs? Part II

This Friday, Warren Weckesser will present a second installment of his
webinars on differential equations. We will explore two Python packages for
solving boundary value problems.  Both are packaged as scikits:
scikits.bvp_solver, written by John Salvatier, is a wrapper of the
BVP_SOLVER code by Shampine and Muir;  scikits.bvp1lg,  written by
Pauli Virtanen, is a wrapper of the COLNEW solver developed by Ascher and

Enthought Python Distribution Webinar
How do I... solve ODEs? Part II
Friday, March 4: 1pm CST/7pm UTC
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