PyNSource 1.5 released

Andy Bulka abulka at
Mon Mar 7 04:00:15 CET 2011

Today I have released PyNSource 1.5 with numerous fixes and

PyNSource and PyNSource GUI - Reverse engineer python source code into
UML - display UML as Ascii art or in a proper diagramming visual
workspace. You can also generate java and delphi skeleton code from
the python, for the purpose of importing that into other UML tools.

Version 1.5
- Python 2.6 (and probably 2.7) compatibility
- Runs with latest wxpython
- Menus reworked, help added, command to visit website added.
- Print preview now much smarter about showing your entire uml
- pynsource.exe added to standalone distribution
- Readme and doco vastly improved
- Website cleaned up
- All downloads from sourceforge, better packaging

Can anyone out there help me make a linux distro for this?

Andy Bulka

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