ANN: trombi 0.9.0

Jyrki Pulliainen jyrki.pulliainen at
Thu Mar 31 10:15:38 CEST 2011

Announcing Trombi version 0.9.0

Trombi is an asynchronous CouchDB client for Tornado, the asynchronous
web server by Facebook.

Version 0.9.0 brings following changes:


  * Add support for querying _all_docs (Thanks Jeremy Kelley)
  * Add support for bulk_docs
  * Add support for changes feed
  * Introduce Paginator for paginating results (thanks Jarrod Baumann)


  * Drop support for Document._as_dict, which was deprecated in 0.8


  * Improve error handling in various places
  * Support Tornado's SimpleHTTPClient
  * Various bug fixes

Trombi is available at PyPI:
Sources and issue tracker are available in Github:
Documentation for 0.9.0 is available at:

Jyrki Pulliainen

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