ANN: py2cairo release 1.10.0 now available

Steve stevech1097 at
Sun May 1 13:40:42 CEST 2011

Py2cairo is a set of Python 2.x bindings for the multi-platform 2D
graphics library cairo.

Py2cairo release 1.10.0 is available from:

Overview of changes from py2cairo 1.8.10 to py2cairo 1.10.0
General Changes:
    py2cairo 1.10.0 requires cairo 1.10.0 (or later).

New Constants:

Bug Fixes:
    context.get_source().get_surface() fails        #33013
    Add support for './waf configure --libdir=XXX'  #30230

Documentation Changes:
    Upgrade to using Sphinx 1.0.7.
    Include html documentation in the pycairo archive file.

Build Changes:
    Update waf to 1.6.3

Other Changes:
    Improve/simplify unicode filename support.
    Improve/simplify unicode text support.

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