logya 1.0 released on Python Package Index

Ramiro groups at ramiro.org
Tue Nov 8 23:43:43 CET 2011

Logya is command line tool to generate static Web sites, designed to be easy to use and flexible.

Content documents contain header information like url, title, scripts and css files to use and a body with HTML markup, they are stored in .html files. Users have full control over a site's layout and design, templates are rendered with jinja2. Logya provides a serve command to immediately view changes to a site's content and static files.

As of today version 1.0 is available from PyPI at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/logya and can be installed with:
sudo pip install logya

The source code is also available from Github at https://github.com/yaph/logya and documentation can be found at http://yaph.github.com/logya/

I appreciate feedback and wish you happy Web site creation!

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