JSONBOT 0.80.3 released

Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 03:50:54 CET 2011

JSONBOT is a chatbot that can take commands and react to events on the network it is connected to (IRC, XMPP, WEB
mostely). Push functionality is also provided (think RSS feeds to your IRC channel or XMPP conference). It is possible to program your own plugins to create custom


 see http://jsonbot.org and http://jsonbot.googlecode.com

make backup first

I added the jsb-backup program, please run this before starting the 0.80 bot. It will make a backup of your datadir into ~/jsb-backups


* GAE is no longer part of the standard distribution, as that is aimed at shell users as of 0.80 - use the mercurial repo if you want to use the GAE part of the bot
* web console is now supported on shell - use the jsb-tornado program to launch a tornado web server bot on port 10102 
* jsb-xmpp now supports OpenFire - use --openfire option to enable this
* todo now uses per user databases instead of per channel - use the -c option to the todo command to show the channel todo
* learn items are not global per default - use !learn-toglobal to copy local learn data to the global learndb
* relay plugins has been rewritten to use bot.cfg.name as well - means that relays need to be created again  
* jsb-udpstripped program has been added that can be used to send udp data to the bot without the need of making config files (copy and edit it)
* add fulljids = 1 to your xmpp bot config (most of the times in ~/.jsb/config/fleet/default-sxmpp/config) to enable full JID discovery in xmpp conference rooms
  (non anonymous)


* lots of new plugins .. see !list ;]
* lots of bug fixes - thnx everybody for reporting them
* still lots of things to fix at 

03:35 < jsonbot> tracker is http://code.google.com/p/jsonbot/issues/list

If you find any problems or have feature request please post that on the tracker url above.

Or try @botfather on #dunkbots on irc.freenode.net ;]

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