MailingLogger 3.6.0 Released!

Chris Withers chris at
Fri Nov 25 09:14:36 CET 2011

I'm pleased to announce a new release of Mailinglogger.

Mailinglogger provides two handlers for the standard python
logging framework that enable log entries to be emailed either as the
entries are logged or as a summary at the end of the running process.

The handlers have the following features:

- customisable and dynamic subject lines for emails sent

- emails sent with a configurable headers for easy filtering

- flood protection to ensure the number of emails sent is not excessive

- support for SMTP servers that require authentication

- fully documented and tested

The only change for this release is to allow summaries sent by 
SummarisingLogger to contain messages logged at a lower level than those 
which triggered the summary to be emailed.

Full docs can be found here:

For more information, please see:



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