[ANN] Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Scripting Language For Android (SL4A) convenience library

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 17:46:26 CET 2011


The information on ADB / SL4A is quiet overwhelming.
Despite that, especially for people, not familiar with Linux, it's not an easy task to get their 
first program running.
This library allows you to easy upload and run Python files on a Android device, without pressing 
any button on the Android device.

After installing SL4A and Py4A on the Android device, and ADB on the hostmachine, it's just a matter 
of connecting the USB cable between Android device and host-PC, and run the program.

One of the simplest program that will run out of the box (without touching any button on the Android 
device) :

# *****************************************************
from adb_sl4a_support import ADB_Connection

ADB = ADB_Connection ()
print ADB

# Create a simple program
Simple_Program = """
import android
droid = android.Android (( '%s', %s ))
droid.makeToast ( "Wasn't that easy?")
""" % ( ADB.SL4A_Servers [-1][0], ADB.SL4A_Servers [-1][1] )

# execute the program (this will run the program from the host PC !!)
exec ( Simple_Program )
# *****************************************************

you can find the library here:


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