Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 01:16:41 CEST 2011

Hello world and everybody !

i'm pleased to announce the release of GOZERBOT 0.99.0, the first in a
series of releases that are supposed to lead to a proper 1.0 release
for GOZERBOT. The intention is to get a 1.0 version of GOZERBOT
available for users that still use this bot, got almost 2000 download
of 0.9.2 so its worth to support all those users with a release they
can build on. I dont have the intention to develop GOZERBOT any
further beyond that, that's what JSONBOT is all about, so keep in mind
these are pure maintenance releases.

2 major changes crept into this release, namely:

* no more seperate gozerplugs package, its all wrapped into 1 thing.
The gozerplugs package has find its way under the gplugs directory in
the main distro so no more seperate installing of plugins.
* SQLAlchemy is now optional, so GOZERBOT can run on older versions of
debian etc. Since this leads to less dependancies GOZERBOT is easier
to install.

note: there is not going to be a seperate "all" distro as those
dependancies are already included.

SQLAlchemy is made optional by providing plugins that use direct
queries on the database, this is the default. You can change
operations back to SA by setting db_driver = "alchemy" in gozerdata/

The intention is to release a new version of GOZERBOT every week or
so, until its stable for a long period of time. When its time i'll cut
of the 1.0 release ;]


* download tar - http://code.google.com/p/gozerbot/downloads/list
* mercurial clone - "hg clone https://gozerbot.googlecode.com/hg
* please report bugs at http://code.google.com/p/gozerbot/issues/entry
especially if you are already running a GOZERBOT and run into
* path to the futire - http://jsonbot.org

read the provided README for instructions on how to get the bot


GOZERBOT is a channel bot supporting conversations in irc channels
and jabber conference rooms. It is mainly used to send notifications
nagios, etc.) and to have custom commands made for the channel. More
just a channel bot GOZERBOT aims to provide a platform for the user
program his own bot and make it into something thats usefull. This is
with a plugin structure that makes it easy to program your own
GOZERBOT comes with some batteries included.

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