ANN : Karrigell-4.3.6 released

Pierre Quentel pierre.quentel at
Mon Oct 31 16:12:21 CET 2011


A new version of the Karrigell web framework for Python 3.2+ has just
been released on

One of the oldest Python web frameworks (the first version was
released back in 2002), it now has 2 main versions, one for Python 2
and another one for Python 3. The Python 2.x version is available at ; this branch is maintained, but no new
feature is going to be developed

All the development work is now focused on the version for Python 3.
The first release was published in February and we are already at the
10th release

Karrigell's design is about simplicity for the programmer and
integration of all the web environment in the scripts namespace. For
instance, the "Hello world" script requires 2 lines :

def index():
    return "Hello world"

All the HTML tags are available as classes in the scripts namespace :

def index():
    return HTML(BODY("Hello world"))

To build an HTML document as a tree, the HTML tags objects support the
operators + (add brother) and <= (add child) :

def index():
    form = FORM(action="insert",method="post")
    form <= INPUT(name="foo")+BR()+INPUT(name="bar")
    form <= INPUT(Type="submit",value="Ok")
    return HTML(BODY(form))

The scripts can be served by a built-in web server, or through the
Apache server, either on CGI mode or using the WSGI interface

The package obvioulsy has built-in support for usual features such as
cookie and session management, localization, user login/logout/role
management. It also includes a complete documentation, with tutorial
and a set of how-to's

A helpful and friendly community welcomes users at

Enjoy !

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