Pogo 0.7

Jendrik Seipp jendrikseipp at web.de
Fri Apr 27 19:38:18 CEST 2012

I am proud to announce a new release of Pogo, probably the simplest and
fastest audio player for Linux.

The tarball and an Ubuntu PPA are available at

What is Pogo?
Pogo plays your music. Nothing else. It is both fast and easy-to-use. 
The clear interface uses the screen real-estate very efficiently. Other 
features include: Fast search on the harddrive and in the playlist, 
smart album grouping, cover display, desktop notifications and no music 
Pogo is a fork of Decibel Audio Player and supports most common audio 
formats. It is written in Python and uses GTK+ and gstreamer.

What's new in

  0.7 "It has a melody both happy and sad" (2012-04-27)
* Search in home folder if we haven't found anything in the music 
* Do not search in subdirectories if we already search in parent directory.
* Only show filename and at most one parent dir for each file in search 
* Convert GUI from libglade to gtkbuilder.
* Update translations.


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