ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.9

David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Mon Feb 6 19:12:12 CET 2012

gcc-python-plugin is a plugin for GCC 4.6 onwards which embeds the
CPython interpreter within GCC, allowing you to write new compiler
warnings in Python, generate code visualizations, etc.

It ships with "gcc-with-cpychecker", which implements static analysis
passes for GCC aimed at finding bugs in CPython extensions.  In
particular, it can automatically detect reference-counting errors:

This release (0.9) is mostly about internal fixes:
 * support for gcc 4.7 prereleases
 * the plugin is now properly integrated with GCC's garbage collector,
fixing segfaults that could happen when compiling large files (the
Python wrapper objects no longer have their underlying GCC objects swept
away from under them)
 * gcc-with-cpychecker's analysis logic has been reworked, fixing
numerous bugs, and extending the scope of the checker enough to find 8
previously-missed memory-leak bugs when run upon itself.

There are many other improvements.  Detailed release notes can be seen

Tarball releases are available at:

Prebuilt-documentation can be seen at:

The project's homepage is:

The plugin and checker are Free Software, licensed under the GPLv3 or

Dave Malcolm

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