luban 1.0.0

Jiao Lin linjiao at
Tue Jan 3 17:25:55 CET 2012

Luban ( is a compact, generic UI "language". 
It is a python package for building (web) user interface. 
It is NOT yet-another web framework.

* Dynamic, ajax-based web user interface can be created using pure python (no knowledge of javascript/ajax/etc is required)
* A compact set of simple concepts and rules 
* Simple, natural syntax for describing UI
* A set of basic and advanced widgets --- see demo and API of widgets at
* Write "bindings" of your favorite js widgets to use them in python.

Python versions:
* Luban 1.0.0 mainly supports python 3.1+
* Experimental support for python 2 exists. Tested and working under python 2.7

$ pip install luban

Bug reports and any comments are appreciated!

Jiao Lin
linjiao at

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