[ANNOUNCE] greenlet 0.3.3

Ralf Schmitt ralf at systemexit.de
Fri Jan 6 14:59:14 CET 2012


I have uploaded greenlet 0.3.3 to PyPI:

What is it?
The greenlet module provides coroutines for python. coroutines allow
suspending and resuming execution at certain locations.

concurrence[1], eventlet[2] and gevent[3] use the greenlet module in
order to implement concurrent network applications.

Documentation can be found here: http://greenlet.readthedocs.org

The code is hosted on github:

Changes in version 0.3.3
The NEWS file lists these changes for release 0.3.3:

* Use sphinx to build documentation and publish it on greenlet.rtfd.org
* Prevent segfaults on openbsd 4/i386
* Workaround gcc-4.0 not allowing to clobber rbx
* Enhance test infrastructure
* Fix possible compilation problems when including greenlet.h in C++ mode
* Make the greenlet module work on x64 windows
* Add a test for greenlet C++ exceptions
* Fix compilation on Solaris with SunStudio

[1] http://opensource.hyves.org/concurrence/
[2] http://eventlet.net/
[3] http://www.gevent.org/

Ralf Schmitt

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