SQLAlchemy and Camelot Trainings in Germany

Mike Müller mmueller at python-academy.de
Fri Jan 13 12:09:35 CET 2012

Get up to Speed with SQLAlchemy and More

SQLAlchemy is a great library that combines the power of
Python with the well-establish world of relational databases
in a powerful manner.

If you would like to learn more about SQLAlchemy, you might be
interested in our course in Germany.
This course is followed by a Camelot course. Camelot uses
SQLAlchemy for building rich desktop applications.

If you would like to improve your Python knowledge before taking
these courses, we recommend our "Python for Programmers" course
that you can attend just before the SQLAlchemy course.

All three courses can be booked separately or combined.

See below for details.


SQLAlchemy Course

One-day in-depth SQLAlchemy training with guest trainer Erik Janssens.

Date: 09.02.2012
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Trainer: Erik Janssens
Course Language: English

Camelot Course

Camelot (http://www.python-camelot.com/) is an open source RAD framework
for rich desktop applications. Basic ingredients are Python, SQLAlchemy
and Qt. This course is best combined with the SQLAlchemy course just the
day before (see above). The course is presented by guest trainer and
Camelot expert Erik Janssens.

Date: 10.02.2012
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Trainer: Erik Janssens
Course Language: English

Python for Programmers

You know another programming language and would like to learn Python?
This course teaches you all the basics to write useful Python programs.
It is hands-on with plenty of exercises and also provides sound knowledge
how Python does things.

Date: 06.02.-08.02.2012
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Trainer: Mike Müller
Course Language: English
Link: http://www.python-academy.com/courses/python_course_programmers.html

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