Qdb: a small & simple remote client/server debugger, released

Mariano Reingart reingart at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 23:40:01 CET 2012


Just released Qdb, a small & simple remote client/server debugger
based on Bdb (Pdb style), wich could be used from a remote terminal to
any server (and in the near future, with a nice visual IDE):


It uses multiprocessing.connection to communicate between the backend
and frontend, with a simple JSONRPC-like stream protocol.
It could use also Queues or Pipes for communication, and includes a
basic frontend (Cmd command line based) that can be replaced with a
visual interface (currently working on a wxPython one, but it could be
adapted to any framework/toolkit)

Quick start guide:
1. Download qdb.py (put in your python path / local folder)
2. Add the following line: import qdb; qdb.set_trace()
3. In a terminal, run: python qdb.py

Then run the main program, when the qdb.set_trace() line is reached,
you'll see the debugger prompt in your terminal.

Also, it can invoke a program to be debugged using pdb like syntax:

python -m qdb yourscript.py

To connect to a remote server, just change addres and password in the
source file. ASAP that will be more configurable.

This work was started as a research thesis, but I think it can be used
for other purposes too.

Comments and contributions are welcome ;-)

Best regards

Mariano Reingart

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