luban 1.0.1 released

Jiao Lin linjiao at
Sat Jan 14 19:20:31 CET 2012

Luban 1.0.1 was released. In this release, "Workflow" was introduced to make it easier for users to build their applications using workflows as building blocks. A tutorial of "workflow" is here: The first three workflows introduced were: registration, login, and feedback; see

These workflow examples also show how luban could work with models and database. Once luban is installed, you can read its source code to find out how those workflows were implemented to work with database models. They are under luban python sub-packages "luban.workflows.<workflow>". Or you can find source code of workflows here:  

Please keep in mind, however, luban is not intended to be a full-featured python web framework. Its main purpose is to help (web) UI developers to specify their UI applications in a generic and concise way. So these workflows are just examples, and are not the main functionality of luban. They can be used as scaffolding tools for your applications, but in no way they should limit you from finding creative ways of using luban with stuff typically found in a python web framework -- database, orm, etc.

There are some new developments for the luban API documentation and demo, "aokuang" ( as well. API/demo for individual widget is now available at<widget>. For example,

Also, you could get a sneak peak at one new widget for the next release, luban 1.0.2, "sketchcanvas", at

Luban ( is a compact, generic UI "language". 
It is a python package for building (web) user interface. 
It is NOT yet-another web framework.

* Dynamic, ajax-based web user interface can be created using pure python (no knowledge of javascript/ajax/etc is required)
* A compact set of simple concepts and rules 
* Simple, natural syntax for describing UI
* A set of basic and advanced widgets --- see demo and API of widgets at
* Write "bindings" of your favorite js widgets to use them in python.

Python versions:
* Luban 1.0.1 mainly supports python 3.1+
* Experimental support for python 2.6+ exists. 

$ pip install luban

Bug reports and any comments are appreciated!

Jiao Lin
linjiao at

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