Announcing python-libarchive.

Ben Timby btimby at
Fri Jan 20 20:35:31 CET 2012

Python-libarchive is a wrapper around the excellent libarchive
library. It allows you to work with many different archive formats
using a single API.

Python-libarchive is a SWIG wrapper around the library as well as some
high-level Python classes to make usage easier. There are also
compatibility modules for zipfile and tarfile. These modules use
libarchive to deal with the archive files, but provide an interface as
similar as possible to the stdlib versions. The library is usable, but
by no means complete.

This library was written against libarchive 3.0.X and will not work
with libarchive 2. Some instructions on installing libarchive and
python-libarchive are available in the Wiki.

There is a Google Group for feedback.

Thank you!

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