ANN: GraphTerm - A Graphical Terminal Interface

Ramalingam Saravanan sarava at
Mon Jul 30 05:43:00 CEST 2012

GraphTerm is a browser-based graphical terminal interface,
that aims to seamlessly blend the command line and graphical
user interfaces. The goal is to be fully backwards compatible
with xterm, with additional graphical features being accessed
only as needed. (GraphTerm builds upon two earlier
browser-based terminal projects, XMLTerm and AjaxTerm.)

In addition to the command line, GraphTerm implements file
"finder" or "explorer" features, and the detached terminal
features of GNU Screen. The interface is designed to be
touch-friendly, relying upon command re-use to minimize
keyboard use. It preserves history for commands entered by
typing, clicking, or tapping, and is themable using CSS.

GraphTerm acts as a terminal exchange server, allowing
multiple users to connect to multiple computers
simultaneously and share terminal sessions for collaboration.

This is the first public release of GraphTerm. It can be
installed from:

  -  Project Page:
  -  Source:
  -  License: BSD
  -  Version: 0.30
  -  Screenshots:

R. Saravanan

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